234 Nigerian girls were girls were kidnapped by an extremist group called the boko haram this month. Few have escaped, the majority has not. Please spread to word to create an international outcry because out government isn’t doing enough.



the white house released this video on sexual assault that actually targets men, telling them not to rape, rather than telling women not to be raped. please watch this.

This is so fucking important, that I can’t even start to describe the happiness I get from finally seeing a major world government making a video that doesn’t tell women to not get raped, but instead tells men to not rape & to stop rape in the first place.

This right now, should be across Tumblr like a wildfire. It should be trending on Twitter and Facebook. This is good news. This is great news. This is, for once, a positive step towards educating people on a fucking huge scale about sexual assault.

This isn’t a solution. Rape culture isn’t gone. We can’t all just stand around and pat ourselves on the back saying, “We did it guys! We made the video! Job done.” - but for the first time in my memory, society is beginning to actively change its broken perspectives from the top level down. This is great. This is good news. This is a start.

This is fucking hope.


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WORTH SEEING: Someone please turn this into a feature length film. 


@IceCube, @KevinHart4real, and @ConanOBrien Share A @Lyft Car #amazing

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Damnnn I was about 5 when I was watching this

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Let them miss you. Sometimes when you’re always available, they take you for granted because they think you’ll always stay.
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This is an old family picture.
My family does not support my being in the LGBTQIA community. They actually are opposed to it. They tell me every day that its disgusting and that it’s sinful and I’ll go to hell for liking women.  I moved out when I was seventeen, and in January I moved back in with them because I couldn’t handle everything that was going on. Every day one of my five siblings tells me to go back to Minnesota. My little brother Charlie (the black baby in the picture) is now 8 and he constantly physically attacks me and tells me that I’m not his sister and to leave. My other siblings make it very obvious and clear that they don’t want me here and my parents tell me constantly that they’re gonna kick me out soon.  I’ve been saving every penny for a bus ticket to Oregon to stay with my best friend and today I found this picture in my sisters’ room ON DISPLAY. Not hidden. On display. They cut my face out of the picture.
And that… That was just the last straw.  I don’t care if anyone reblogs this or whatever, I don’t wanna get popular, I just want people to know that this is not what a family looks like. This is not something people should have to go through.
This is no life.

Lets try this…..




For everyone who reblogs this, I will go through your blog and then I will put a detailed description in your ask box of what kind of person I think you are based on YOU and YOUR posts and YOUR blog.

And I do mean EVERYONE. I’ll do them all, promise

Ok I’m in

sounds nice :)

Fuck that if Amsterdam ain’t in it, it ain’t legit

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Went from president to real nigga in seconds.